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The Archer's Register
A year book of facts

The Archer's Register was published yearly from 1864 to 1915. It contained archery related competition results, society lists, adverstisements, poetry, songs, obituaries and original papers.

The first editor was Fred T. Follett (1889 - 1897) followed by J. Sharp (1864 - 1888) and Col. H. Walrond (1898 - 1915). The final issue came out in 1914 - 1915. Col. Walrond died at the end of 1915 and "The Archer's Register" ceased to be published.

This section will contain papers from various editions.

The Archer's Register for 1893-1894
W. Butt  An Adventurous Shot into the Past
H. Walrond  Archery and caricature
C. Clarke  Finger tips
H. Walrond  Some archery tenures

The Archer's Register for 1904-1905
F. R. Lee  Notes on Indian Archery
The Archer's Register for 1904-1905
S. Takaishi  Japanese Archery
Dr. E. Mylins  The Sharpest Loose
M.B.   Stringing the Chinese Bow
C. Pownall  A New Method of Measuring Pin-Hole Golds
The Archer's Register for 1911
F. Townsend  Practice in Winter