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Finger Tips
Part 2 of 2

This led to the construction of a kind of double tab for each finger. It is made of a single piece of thin leather of the shape shown in Fig. II., the flap A being bent down forwards at the dotted line, and passed through the slit B , the straps C C are sewn together to fit the second joint of the finger, as shown in Fig. III.

A similar form could, of course, be made without the double flap, but it would not be quite so pliable, as it would need to be of thicker leather; or a second flap could be sewn on, but sewing has a way of coming undone at inconvenient times. The advantages that I have found in this arrangement are:—

  1. The tips never come off in shooting, or slip in the least degree if properly fitted.
  2. They are much the most comfortable, and, as they do not confine or pinch the tips of the fingers, I have never suffered from sore fingers since using them.
  3. From their great pliability, they allow of the string being drawn with hardly any bending of the fingers, except at the first joint, and consequently give a very easy loose. They do not entirely get over the second finger difficulty, but I have found it a good thing to have the second tip rather thicker than the other two, or to make it with a treble flap.

I may perhaps mention that I have given the pattern to Mr. Buchanan, who makes them for me of beautifully fine leather.

C. Clarke.