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Rule I.—"Ashi-bumi"
(Steady the feet)

The archer must stand in front of the mark. He should fix his eyes on the target, and take the bow in the left hand; apply the notch of the arrow to the string, and hold the shaft of the arrow on the bow with the forefinger of the left hand, so as to keep it in position; then hold lightly the lower part of the string with the right hand, and put the lower end of the bow on the left knee. The knees must be perfectly straight, not bent in the slightest-degree. The feet must be flat, firm on the ground, both equally inclining outwards from the heels, the position of the feet being such that the lines of intersection would meet at the heels. Then bring the left foot forward until the distance between the feet is equal to the whole length of the arrow which the archer is going to use. But in the case of the mark being nearer than the ordinary distance, or being placed low, the space between the feet should be shorter than the above-mentioned.

Upon taking the first position in front of a mark, it is recommended that the archer should be oblivious to everything surrounding him, keeping his mind blank.

[Keeping the mind free from worry and all disturbing influences, when you stand in front of a target, is calculated to be the most important point in archery.]

This position is called "Ashi-bumi"