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Chapter XV
Of the Second Posture, which is Nocking.

To nock well, is the easiest point in all the art of archery, and contains no more but ordinary warning, only it requires diligent heed giving; first in putting the nock between your two first fingers, then bringing the shaft under the string and over the bow, then to set the shaft neither too high nor too low, but even and straight overthwart the bow; for unconstant nocking, makes a man loose his length, and besides that, if his shaft hand be high, and the bow hand low, or otherwise if they be contrarily placed, both the bow is in danger of breaking, and the shaft if it be little, will start, and if it be great it will hobble.

You must observe ever, to nock the cock feather upward, as I told you before, when I described the feather; and be sure that the string flip not out of the nock, but with your thumb before, & a finger on each side behind, for should it happen otherwise, all were in hazard of breaking.