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"Bows and Arrows for Boys"
George C. Decker, 1930

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I. Making the Bow
       a) Taking care of your bow

II. Making the Bowstring
       a) Finishing the bow

III. Making the Arrow

IV. Accessories
       a) Arm guard
       b) Finger stalls
       c) Quiver
       d) Accessory bag
       e) Bow case
       f) Target

V. Shooting
       a) Introduction to shooting
       b) Stringing the bow
       c) Technique of shooting
       d) Rules of archery
       e) Archery games

VI. Summary of modern archery

VII. Suggestions on the organization of an archery club
       a) Suggestions for organization
       b) Constitution of an archery club
       c) Further suggestions

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