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Wood for Archery

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Literature on Archery

Rare Books

Toxophilus or the Schole of Shooting
Roger Ascham (1545)

Marshe Edition, London (1557)
Rexham Edition, London (1777) (1788)
Giles Edition (complete works), London (1864)

An Essay on Archery
Walter Michael Mosley; I. and T. Hall, London (1792)

The English Bowman or Tracts on Archery
T. Roberts; C. Rownorth, London (1801)

The British Archer
Thos. Hastings; R. Ackerman, London (1831)

The Archer's Guide
Annoymous; T. Hurst, London (1833)

A Treatise on Archery
Thos. Waring; A. U. Thiselton, London (1833)

The Science of Archery
A. P. Harrison; Hatchord & Son, London (1834)

The Handbook of Archery
George Jacobs; printed by author (1850)

The Theory and Practice of Archery
Horace A. Ford; Longmans, Green & Co., London (1887)

The Art of Archery
H. Walrond; H. Cox, London (1897)

Old Books

Archer's Guide
Printed by A. N. Meyers & Co., London (1860)

Archers Complete Guide
Anonymous; Peck and Snyder, New York (1878)

Recent Books and Articles

How to Train in Archery
Maurice and Will Thompson; E. L. Horsman, New York (1879)

Modern Archery
Arthur W. Lambert, Jr.; A. S. Barnes & Co. (1929)

Merit Badge Pamphlet. (Archery)
Boy Scouts of America

Bows and Arrows and How to Make Them
James Duff; McMillan (1927)

Two Little Savages
Earnest Thompson Seaton; Doubleday, Page & Co. (1924)

Dr. R. P. Elmer, Penn. Publishing Co., Philadelphia (1926)

Modern Methods in Archery
Reichart and Kessey; American Bowman Review, Albany, Oreg.

The New Archery, Hobby-Sport-Craft
Paul H. Gordon; American Bowmen Review, Albany, Oreg.

Archery Simplified
Phillip Rounsevelle; American Bowman Review, Albany, Oreg.

Archery Tackle, How to Make and Use It.
Adolph Shane; American Bowman Review, Albany, Oreg.

Bows and Arrows
Saxton T. Pope; American Bowman Review. Albany, Oreg.

The Making of Archery Tackle
Don O. Pullin, Furniture Manufacturer, Jan. and March, 1929


American Bowman Review, Albany, Oreg.

The American Archer,
521 5th Avenue, New York, N. Y.

Ye Sylvan Archer,
Corvallis, Oreg.