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Wood for Archery

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Manufacturers of Archery Tackle

George Brommers (Port Orford cedar), 9708 South Hoover Street, Los Angeles, Calif.

Wm. A. Jay (general line) 9708 South Hoover Street, Los Angeles, Calif.

Old English Archery Shop (arrow cases), 831 Hurd Avenue, Findlay, Ohio

Dick Landon (targets), 5544 Lydia Street, Kansas City, Mo.

Six Gold Archary House (general line), 16 - 18 West High Street, Springfield, Ohio

T. R. O'Neil (bows, arrows, and bowstrings), 17 Lamberton Street, Franklin, Pa.

John A. Hunter Hardwood Corporation (lemonwood), 53 Ann Street, New York, N. Y.

Gold Archery Company (general line and tools), Box 67, Toledo, Ohio.

Archery Work Shop (Osage orange bows and metal arrows), 6 West Huron Street, Chicago, Ill.

W. G. Otto (feathers), 2450 Spruce Street, River Grove, Ill.

E. H. Glnster (bowstrings), 33 North Gates Avenue, Kingston, Fa.

W. I. King (yew bows), 1958 Onyx Street, Eugene, Oreg.

Roy Case (arrows), 1755 Main Street, Racine, Wis.

Wm. E. Staff (arrows), 5 Highland Avenue, Arlington, Pa.

The Beacon Hill Craftsmen (general line), Becon, N. Y.

C. E. Love (Fletching tools), 2231 South Ogden Street, Denver, Colo.

Claude Lampert (arrow tools), 3527 North Height Avenue, Portland, Oreg.

L. E. Stemmler (general line), Queens Village, N. Y.

J. E. Clifford (arrows, nocks, piles), 416 Dechman Avenue, Peoria, Ill.

Kroy Archery Shop (arrows), 1314 South Limestone Street, Springfield, Ohio

Indianhead Archery (red cedar bows), Box 303, Lima, Ohio

Battle Creek Tackle Shop (general line), 267 Greenwood Street, Battle Creek, Mich.

Valreth Specialty (bow sights), 207 Fariview Street, Waukeska, Wis.

Jas. D. Easton (bow sights), 1919 5th Avenue, Los Angeles, Calif.

L. C. Whiffen Co., Inc. (Fletcher tools and nocks), 623 West Claybourn Street, Milwaukee, Wis.

Waldo E. Sherman (bows and arrows), 411 Lewis Street, Easton Rapids, Mich.

Harry Johns (arrow dowels), 312 Prov. Building, Tacoma, Wash.

M. L. McKinney (yew bow and arrow stock), Oakland, Oreg.

V. H. Anderson (bows and arrows), 106 Blaine Street, Syracuse, N. Y.

Old Ranger (strings, sights, hunting heads), 4813 West Lake Street, Chicago, Ill.

Potter and Macquarrie (roving arrows), 3400 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland, Calif.

M. E. Spansel (bow strings), 1707 Grove Street, Berkeley, Calif.

Bear Products Co. (target faces and leather goods), 4700 Burlingame Avenue, Detroit, Mich.

Frank Horack (bows and arrows), 57 Hagen Avenue, North Tonawanda, N. Y.

Petit John Archery Service (bows and arrows), 36 Rector Street, Newark, N. J.

Homer Prouty (general line), 1604 N. E. 50th Avenue, Portland, Oreg.

Rome Speciality Co. (general line), Rome, N. Y.

Maj. Arthur Blackburn (bows and arrows), 10 Susequehanna Avenue, Towson, Md.

Marathon Archery Equipment Co. (general line), P. 0. Box 183, Kansas City, Mo.

Coopers (pyroxylin arm guards, nocks, etc.), 120 Tripp Avenue, Peoria, Ill.

W. A. Cochran (yew, Osage orange and Port Orford cedar stock), Route 2, Eugene, Oreg.

Warrior Archery Mfg. Co. (arrow equipment), 1821 South First Street, Milwaukee, Wis.

Henry A. Bitzenburger (general line), 800 East 4th Street, Los Angeles, Calif.

Ben Pearson (general line), Pine Bluff, Ark.

Stafford Arrow Mfg. Co. (alluminum arrows), 4333 Cole Avenue, Dallas, Texas

J. Ellis Mitchell (bows and arrows), 505 North Ewing Avenue, Dallas, Texas

Archery Sales and Service Co. (general line), 617 South State Street, Chicago, Ill.

Chas. E. Korn (alluminum alloy arrows), 1412 Creve Coeur, La Salle, Ill.

Decker Manufacturing Co. (bow sights), Yale, Mich.

E. Bud Pierson (general line), 245 East University Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Anderson and Fraser (target faces), 727 S. White Oak Street, Portland, Oreg.

E. & G. Arrowsmiths (duralumin arrows), 3347 North Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, Ind.

E. L. Ullrich (bow and stave stock), Rosenburg, Oreg.

Will H. Barns (bows and arrows), 601 North 4th Street, Sturgis, Mich.

Earl Grubbs (general line), 5518 West Adams Street, Los Angeles, Calif.

C. M. Huntley (jointed bow handles and nocking tools), 6555 19th Avenue, N. E. Seattle, Wash.

C. Hayward Styles (bows and arrows), 28 Vincente Place, Berkeley, Calif.

Leon Chapin (yew staves), P. 0. Box 139, Chapin, Oreg.

Harry D. Hobson (yew staves and matched arrows), Salem, Oreg.

Lloyd Morrison (bows and arrows), Waldport, Oreg.

Elbert Wheeler (bows and arrows), San Antonio, Texas

Indian Archery and Toy Corp. (general line), Evansville, Ind.

Wolverine Archery Tackle (general line), Coldwater, Mich.

William Tell Archery Shop (bowstrings), Council Bluffs, Iowa

Craftsman Wood Service Co. (bow staves) 2727 Mary Street, Chicago, Ill.