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Re: Mr. Nagler's Report on Bow Strings
Part 3 of 4

1491 Parkwood Blvd.
Schenectady, N. Y.

American Bowman-Review,

I was very glad to receive a copy of the results of the tests Mr. Nagler so kindly made on the sample bow strings and thread sent to him.

In analyzing the results of these tests I believe I can add something to his report.

While the number of samples submitted is not so large (23) taking averages of them does give some interesting figures.

In the case of the double loop strings these averages are as follows:

Weight, 34.4 grains.
Number of strands 17.7.
Breaking load, 168.4 lbs.
K 5.28.
For the thread the average break load was 14.4 lbs., (neglecting #4, 14, 15—which are not average).
Average K T is 54,400.

The comment in regard to the loops and splices on #5, 6, 7, 8 being too heavy, should include a statement that #9, 10, 14 were too light, since they broke in the splices.

In my opinion a string which breaks in the splice is not properly made since the string was actually stronger than indicated.

The fact that #5 and #6 were of cotton and showed results comparable with #14 and #15 and not too far below the average seems to me quite significant inasmuch as linen is becoming so scarce, and as pointed out by Mr. Nagler were made with heavy loops, which reduces the value of K faster in a short string as used for the tests than in a full 5 ft. 6 in. string.

Incidentally several months of experience with these cotton strings has shown the amount of stretching not so serious as generally believed.

The archers of America certainly owe Mr. Nagler a vote of thanks for his efforts to bring this data as it should prove very valuable.

Warren A. Ford,
Sec'y-Schenectady Bowman.

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