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"Archery: The Technical Side"
Edited by C. N. Hickman, Forrest Nagler & Paul E. Klopsteg, 1947.

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Author DateSubject Appeared Where
C .N. Hickman Oct,'29 Velocity and Acceleration of Arrows. Weight and Efficiency of Bows as affected by Backing of Bow Journal Franklin Institute
Nov.'30 General Formulas for Static Strains and Stresses in drawing a Bow Sylvan Archer
Feb.'31 Effect of Rigid Middle Section of Bow on Static Strains and Stresses         "       "
Mar.'31 Effect of Bracing Height of Bow on Static Strains and Stresses         "       "
May'31 Effect of Permanent Set and Reflexing         "       "
Aug.'31 Effect of Bow Length on Static Strains and Stresses         "       "
Jan.'32 Effect of Thickness and Width of a Bow and its Form of Bending (The flat bow)         "       "
Feb.'32 The Neutral Plane of Bending of a Bow         "       "
Mar.'32 Fiber Stresses in Bows         "       "
Apr.'31 Effect of String Weight on Arrow Velocity and Efficiency of Bows         "       "
Sept.'31 Effect of Weight and Air Resistance of Bow Tips on the Cast of a Bow         "       "
June'35 A New Bow of Radical Design, Construction and Performance U. S. Patent #2,100,317
June'37 Dynamics of a Bow and Arrow Journal of Applied Physics
Feb.'34 The Center of Gravity of an Arrow and its Flight Archery Review
Feb.'43 Dispersion of Arrows         "       "
Mar.'46 Fortisan for Backing Bows American Bowman Review
Paul E. KlopstegJuly'35 Science Looks at Archery  Archery Review
       Foreword         "       "
       Introduction         "       "
       The Bow         "       "
       The Arrow         "       "
       Aiming Methods         "       "
Dec.'31 What is the proper Cross Section for a Bow Sylvan Archer
May'32 Constructing the Bow with Rectangular Limb Section        "       "
June'32 Effect on Scores of Errors in Aiming and Holding        "       "
July'32 A Comparison of the Point of Aim and Sight Archery Review
Nov.'32 The Flight of an Arrow         "       "
Jan.'33 A Study of Points of Aim         "       "
Apr.'33 Photographing the Paradox         "       "
Dec.'33 Some new Light on the Paradox of Archery         "       "
Jan.'34 Some new Light on the Paradox of Archery (Continued)         "       "
June'35 Getting the most out of the Bowstave         "       "
June'39 A Graphic Method of designing a Bow         "       "
Mar.'40 A bend Meter and Bow Weigher American Bowman Review
Aug.'43 Physics of Bow and Arrows Amer. Journal of Physics
      Bow and Arrow Shooting         "       "
      Virtual Mass of a Bow         "       "
      Figure of Merit of a Bow         "       "
      Bow Design         "       "
      Arrows and the Archer's Paradox         "       "
      The Flight of an Arrow         "       "
      Penetration of Arrows         "       "
      Aiming         "       "
      Experimental Apparatus         "       "
      Conclusion         "       "
F. NaglerJune'33 Bow Design Archery Review
July '33  The Elliptical Bow—Random Notes and Discussions         "       "
 Cast         "       "
 More about the Elliptical Bow         "       "
'37 Spine and Arrow Design (with Rheingans) American Bowman Review
 Bowstrings         "       "
     Reviewed by Dunbar         "       "
      Reviewed by Ford         "       "
      String Weights         "       "
L. A. QuayleFeb.'42 Center Shot Bows American Bowman Review
W. R. RheingansMay'33  Debunking Spine Archery Review
 Exterior and Interior Ballistics of Bows and Arrows–Review         "       "
’37 Spine and Arrow Design (with Nagler) American Bowman Review
      Materials         "       "
      Spine Testers          "       "
      Arrow Design          "       "
      Bow and Arrow          "       "
      Flight Arrows         "       "
Maurice C. TaylorJan.’40 Bow Strings         "       "
Dr. E. S. HodgsonApr.'32 Analyzing the Paradox  Archery Review