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Characteristic Features of Arrows

Having the measurements of the striking force of an arrow, it next is of interest to learn what type of arrow will best penetrate solid matter—which type will do most damage as a weapon of destruction. The features of an arrow that figure in this respect are its weight, its feather, and its point. The weight lies in the length, diameter of the shaft, and the specific gravity of the wood. Experience has shown that the best arrow shafts are about a yard or less in length and from 5/16 to ½ inch in diameter. They must be thick enough to be rigid. Many different woods have been used in their construc­tion. Practically all Indian shafts of the better sort are universally 5/16 in diameter or less, while some of the rougher and more formidable of the war or heavy hunt­ing arrows approximate ½ inch. Yaqui arrows are of this diameter; so are Chinese and old English war arrows. Still, this amount of wood seldom weighs more than two ounces and generally less.