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Archery Tackle
How to Make and How to Use It
By Adolph Shane, E.E., 1936.


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Requirements in Bow Woods. Yew. Osage Orange. Lemonwood or Degame. Hickory. Other Woods.

Classification of Bows. The Parts of a Bow. Cross-sectional Shape of Bow. Curvature of the Drawn Bow. Lengths and Weights of Bows. Relation of Bow Length to Bow Strength. Other Factors Affecting Cast. Mechanical Properties of Bow Woods. The Backing of Soft Wood Bows.

Selection of the Bow Stave. Tools and Materials. a. making a man's bow—The First Step. Laying Out the Back. Shaping the Sides. Tapering the Belly. Checking the Center Line. Shaping the Belly. Making the Self-Nocks. Final Steps in Making the Bow. Using the Tiller. Weighing the Bow. Making the Horn Tips. Making the Handle Grip. The Finish Coat.

b. making a lady's or boy's bow—The Procedure. Selection and Layout of Stave. c. making the yew bow—Selection of Stave. The Spliced Joint. Preparing the Back. Laying Out the Bow. Following the Grain. Shaping the Final Form. Finishing the Yew Bow. d. making the bowstring—Preparing the Threads. Making the Eye. Adjusting the Bowstring. The Timber Hitch. Serving the String.

a. arrow technology—The Parts of an Arrow. Styles in Arrow Shafts. Arrow Woods. b. making a birch arrow— Forming the Nock. Fitting the Pile. Fletching the Arrow. Stripping a Feather. Cutting the Vanes to Length. Marking the Arrow Shaft. Gluing the Feathers. Trimming the Vanes. Finishing the Arrow. c. making a footed arrow—The First Act. Preparing the Rod. Preparing the Footing. Gluing the Splice. Rounding the Shaft. Strengthening the Nock End. Weighing the Arrow. The Final Steps. Matching Arrows. Balancing the Point. Mechanical Aids in Construction. d. the making of other tackle—Finger Protection. The Arm Guard. The Quiver. The Wire Arrow Rest. The Arrow Stand. The Target. The Target Stand. The Butt.

A. How To shoot—Bracing the Bow. Standing in Position. Nocking the Arrow. Drawing, Holding, Aiming. Loosing the Arrow. The Point of Aim. b. tour naments and games—Archery Rounds. Flight Shooting. Clout Shooting. Indoor Archery. Archery Clubs.