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News 2009

6 Oktober 2009
  • New article: "Hunting with the Bow" by Will H. Thompson.
    From: "Forest & Stream, 20 November, 1879.
    By the brother of Maurice Thompson. A short article that talks about the challenges of the hunt, chasing an animal rather than just the killing. Courtesy of Joel Gudknecht.
6 July 2009
  • New article: "Japanese Archery and Archers" by E. Gilbertson.
    From: "Transactions and Proceeding of the Japan Society, Vol. IV. Twenty-eigth ordinary meeting, third of the sixth session, March 10th, 1897.
    Article dealing with Japanese archery and archery equipment in general and arrowheads in particular. Contains a large number of illustrations and photographs of Japanese arrowheads.
8 May 2009
  • New article: "Piscatory Archery" by T. B. Thorpe.
    From the book: "The Mysteries of the Backwoods, or Sketches of the Southwest. Including Character, Scenery and Rural Sports." pp. 30-45, Philadelphia, 1846.
    Article on fishing with bow and arrow from a book on the Southwest of the U.S.A. Contains elaborate 19th century descriptions of outdoor life, in this case of the Mississipi river. Includes some details on the technique of archery fishing.
26 April 2009
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