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21 December 2022
  • Seasons Greetings
    The Archery Library wishes you a wonderful holiday season and a happy and successful New Year!
4 December 2022
1 November 2022
  • New Article: "Hunting with the Longbow"
    New: article on how Arthur Young and Saxtopn Pope usied the English longbow for hunting.
    By Saxton Pope, From: Outing, Vol. LXXIV No. 1, pp. 26-27. April 1919.
5 October 2022
  • Update for "Archery — The Technical Side" by Hickman et al., 1947.
    Physics of Bow and Arrows, by Paul Klopsteg.
    "The purpose of this series of articles is first, to summarize, with all possible simplicity, the scientific and technical papers that have appeared during the past four years, so that the interested reader may know what has been accomplished in the painstaking analyses and experiments. A second purpose of this article is to see what ideas with practical applications may be developed from the summary, and to determine how they may be applied."
1 September 2022
  • New Article: "Practice in winter"
    Article on an Instrument for Archery Exercise, an instrument which would fulfil all the purposes of exercise, keeping the muscles of the arm, and more particularly of the fingers, in good condition; portable enough also to be packed in a portmanteau, and which could be used indoors without either bow, arrows, or target.
6 August 2022 7 June 2022
1 May 2022
  • New Article: "The Ballistics of Archery"
    Article by Saxton Pope on arrows and arrowheads.
    Different types of arrows and arrowheads and their efficiency are discussed mainly in relation to hunting.
    From Outers Recreation Magazine, April 1921.
8 April 2022
9 March 2022 10 February 2022