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13 December 2008
  • New book: "An Essay on Archery." Describing the Practice of that Art in all Ages and Nations, by Walter Moseley
    A very old and very thorough book. Deals with archery in ancient Greece, various military uses of the bow, english archery, whistling arrows, poisoned arrows, arbalests and much more. This book is written in an older spelling, where an s was typeset as an f. This has been preserved in this version.
4 November 2008
  • More articles from Outing Magazine:
    • "Thoughts on Archery," by Agnes F. Williams (1886)
      Some thoughts on the history of archery
    • "Woodland Archery," by Maurice Thompson (1897)
      A story of a hunting trip by a well known outdoorsman and writer of that time.
    • "The Experience of a Novice," by Henry Chadwick (1888)
      An article on how a beginner experiences archery
18 October 2008
  • New articles from Outing Magazine:
    • "Yumi: The Japanese Long-Bow ," by Robert G. Dening
      An interesting general description of the role the bow played in Japanese society, especially in war.
    • "The Art of Archery," by W. H. Wills
      An article with shooting instructions, including nice early 19th century photographs.
1 September 2008
  • New book: "Anecdotes of Archery, from the earlieft ages to the year 1791" by Ely Hargrove
    This is truly a book of anecdotes, it is an overview of different archery related facts and stories frm around the world. There is no clear storyline, although there is some logic in the sequence. Very interesting to know how archery was looked upon in those days. This book is written in an older spelling, where an s was typeset as an f. This has been preserved in this version.
1 August 2008
  • New book: "The Art of Archery, Edited by Henri Gallice, translation by H. Walrond, 1901.
    Translation of a French book, "l'Art d'Archerie", ca. 1515, which is claimed to be the first printed book dealing specially with archery, Ascham's "Toxophilus or the Schole of Shooting" having been first printed in 1545.
1 June 2008
8 May 2008
5 May 2008
1 May 2008
  • Added "Misses' Archery Costume" article including print of a lady archer. From The Delineator, a sewing magazine.
18 April 2008
  • Added "The Flat Bow" by W. Ben Hunt and John J. Metz. This is a book from 1936 on how to make your own bow and arrows, with detailed descriptions and drawings.
  • Added a privacy policy to the site.
8 April 2008