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18 December 2020
  • Seasons Greetings
    The Archery Library wishes you Happy Holidays!
    May your New Year be filled with great joy, hapiness and success.
2 December 2020
3 November 2020
4 October 2020
3 September 2020
4 August 2020
1 July 2020
  • New Articles: "Arrows and Arrow-makers"
    Papers presented at a symposium on primitive arrows and arrow making. From: The American Anthropologist, Vol. IV., No.1, pp. 45-74. Washington D.C., January, 1891.
    Subjects: Manufacture of Stone Arrow-Points, Forms of Ancient Arrow-Heads, Arrow Feathering and Pointing, The Arrow in Modern Archery and Poisoned Arrows.
7 May 2020
  • New Book: "Archery Tackle, How to Make and How to Use It." By Adolph Shane, E.E., 1936.
    Archery book with clear descriptions on how to make your own wooden bow, strings, arrows and accessories. Also includes a chapter on how to shoot, illustrated with several photographs. This book will be put online part by part during the next months. This first part includes the initial pages and Chapter I with the introduction to archery as recreation.
6 April 2020
5 March 2020
4 February 2020
3 January 2020
  • Update for "Le Tir à l'Arc" by le Cte Albert de Bertier, V. Cordier, A. Guglielmini, 1900.
    Preliminary Notions. Chapter on preliminary, general archery related concepts. In French.
  • Mise en jour pour "Le Tir à l'Arc" par le Cte Albert de Bertier, V. Cordier, A. Guglielmini, 1900.
    Notions préliminaires Chapitre avec notions préliminares sur le Tir à l'Arc.