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News 2006
28 August 2006
  • Finished "The English Bowman" by T. Roberts. I chose not to use PDF-files. Should you like to have PDF-files, let me know. Your feedback on readability is most welcome.
13 August 2006
  • Put a (temporary) tracker to see what type of traffic gets to the site. If this tracker causes unwanted side-effects (such as pop-ups), please let me know.
8 August 2006
  • Hopefully fixed all broken links.
  • Started making Toxophilus by Roger Ascham available. (Finished 15 August 2006)
4 August 2006
  • Redirected all documents from the previous server. All files are now on one server. There may be some missing links. If you find one, please let me know.
21 May 2006
  • Updated "The English Bowman" by T. Roberts. Due to the lay-out and spelling this book is in PDF-format.
18 May 2006
5 May 2006
4 May 2006
  • Some remarks on using the texts on this site for other purposes added to the copyright page. I was a little disappointed that texts from this site were used without any mention of the Archery Library.
  • Designed a simple logo, It will probably still change a little.
    It is a figure from the the Badminton library, nr. 101. From the 'Departure of Henry VIII. from Calais.' 1544 ('Monumenta Vetusta. Pictures at Cowdray)
3 May 2006
  • Added a search page to the site, powered by Google for the time being.
30 April 2006
  • Started putting "The Witchery of Archery" by Maurice Thompson online.(Finished 15 August 2006)
  • Added Google Ads to site to see if it can pay for more books. Let me know if you don't like it.
9 April 2006
  • Removed counter as this gave irritating adverstising pop-ups etc.