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22 December 2011
  • New article: "Japanese Archery"
    By S. Takaishi. From: "The Archer's Register" for 1904-1905.
    An article of how to shoot the Japanese bow was translated from a Japanese "Badminton Archery" by Mr. S. Takaishi for Major Straker. The shooting rules are extracts from the "Hégé" school's doctrine.
21 October 2011
  • New book: "The Essentials of Archery"—How to Use and Make Bows and Arrows
    By L.E.Stemmler, 1942. This book deals with bow & arrow making and shooting technique. It is well illustrated with photographs and drawings. This is not the copy that can be found in pdf-format on various download sites, but a revised version in which all drawings are available and the text has been corrected.
15 June 2011
  • New book: "North American Bows, Arrows and Quivers"
    By Otis T. Mason, 1894. From the Smithsonian Report for 1893. Report describing the equipment from the Native Americans of North-America. Contains detailed information on the diversity of tackle used by the different tribes, a vocabulary and manufacturing methods, e.g. on flaking arrow heads. Illustratd with 58 plates that have a detailed explanation included.
7 April 2011
  • New book: "Ancient and modern methods of arrow-release."
    By Edward S. Morse, 1885. In this book, the different definitions of arrow release methods used in later archery literature were made, defining the primary, secondary tertiary and mongolian release. It also gives more details om arrow release method in ancient times and contemporary release methods employed by different people around the world.
    The follow-up publication, Additional Notes on Arrow Release, already available on this site for some time, the same author discusses the releases from "savage" people from all parts of the world from the input he received from people around the world after his first publication.
3 April 2011 1 April 2011
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