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Plate 1. An old painting of St. Sebastian

Plate 2. Bows used in the tests

Plate 3. Bows used in the tests

Plate 4. Bows and arrows from the Jessop Collection

Plate 5. American Museum of Natural History bows

Plate 6. Tartar bows

Plate 7. Japanese archer and bow

Plate 8. Negrito, Cliff Dweller, and Wintun bows and arrows

Plate 9. Replicas of Turkish composite and English bows

Plate 10. Arrows used in the tests

Plate 11. Aboriginal arrows in the University Museum of Anthro­pology

Plate 12. Various arrows

Plate 13. Arrowheads used in penetration tests

Plate 14. Ancient Syrian arrowheads

Plate 15. Arrows penetrating a fir board

Plate 16. Skull pierced through the orbit by an arrow

Plate 17. Arrow shot through a coat of mail

Plate 18. Penetration of arrows

Plate 19. Penetration of arrows

Plate 20. Penetration of obsidian in bone